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Keeping the Community Safe
Jurors and judges make those who choose not to be careful fully accountable for the harm they cause, so that they won't hurt someone again.

Compensating For the Harm
In our society and legal system, when someone is injured through the fault of another, the person who is at fault must compensate the injured person to make up for the injured person's harm as best as possible.

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6 Things to Do When You Are In a Car Accident
  1. Take pictures with your phone or camera of everything: the position of the cars, every damage to each car, the damage to any object (for example, a telephone pole, or the sunglasses in your car if they fell and broke), the license plate numbers, the traffic lights, the street names, the drivers, the passengers, and the witnesses.  If you do not have a camera, call us about having us send someone to the accident right away to take photos.

  2. Call the police.

  3. When the police arrive, tell the police what happened so the police don’t just hear the other driver’s version of what happened.  Ask the police to give you the number assigned to their Accident Report.

  4. Get the other driver’s name, license plate number and state, driver’s license number and state, and insurance information.  The police can help with this.  If for some reason the police do not arrive or do not help, ask the other driver to write this information down for you so that have it in his/her handwriting.

  5. If you have any concern at all that you might be injured, even if it is only a minor injury, tell the police, and get checked out at the emergency room right away to make sure it is not a more serious injury than you think.

  6.  Call our office before you talk with any insurance company.

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