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What Clients Say

Judge and Gavel

As an entrepreneur for thirty years, this lawsuit was not my first….Attorney Solnik is, without question, the finest attorney I’ve ever worked with. He has tremendous confidence in his own ability. His analytical skills are topnotch. He unfailingly listens with an open mind and is not afraid to reconsider his position. He always responded [to my emails] quickly. …As the trial date drew closer, I noticed that Attorney Solnik was actually living my case. It became a part of him. …[At trial] he shredded the other side, leaving no stone unturned.

Mark Whitney, CEO


Attorney Solnik won me eight hundred thousand dollars! He spent a LOT of time getting to know me and all about my injuries. He is a very smart lawyer and a kind person.

Arlinda McGibbeny


Bern, I must say that it has been a great honor having you as my lawyer. When I needed you you were there more than once and I was not disappointed. I would recommend you to everyone I know who needs a good lawyer because they would never find anyone as caring and understanding as you Mr.Solnik. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I will close this letter now, but I will see you again when I need you.

Sincerely, Gladys B.


Bern, many thanks go out to you. I wouldn't have gotten through this without your help. You've given me peace of mind. Again, thanks.

D. L.


Mr. Solnik is a great lawyer, in a league of his own.  He came to my rescue just in the nick of time and believed in me and my case when no other lawyer would.  He took my case to a whole new level and we won!  He’s is THE best!   Words cannot adequately describe just how outstanding a lawyer and person he truly is.


K. B.


Bern is always at the top of his game.  He has the humanity, compassion, and knowledge that separates a great lawyer from a good one. He is very resourceful and leaves no stone unturned to get the best for his clients.

Tamba A.


Bern, thanks very much.  And again thank you very much for everything.  You went above and beyond for me and I will never forget it.

Gregory D.


I was so afraid when my husband mentioned speaking to a lawyer but you were the kindest man I have ever met.  You respected my wishes and were able to work miracles.  I still think about it and don't know how you did it.  When we were home and were getting phone calls from creditors I thought I would lose my mind.  I was in such a depression.  You were able to put a stop to that.  You were so kind every time we spoke to you, and always made me feel better.  I don't know if you know how you saved our lives.  At the worst time in our lives God sent us you. 

Thank you so so much for every thing that you did for us and for just being you.  I will always remember you and everything you did for us. You are always in my prayers. 

Matthew is doing well and is starting a new job selling medical devices.    

 Love, Barbara M.


Mr. Solnik, I was away on a little vacation and did not get a chance to email a thank you for your tireless work in making this settlement a pain-less process.  Should I or anyone I know, ever (hopefully not) need legal assistance I will surely refer to you. You were very available and easy to work with throughout this whole process. Thank you.

Patrycja Z.


I feel very confident with Mr. Bernard Solnik when face a difficulty in courthouse. He is an excellent lawyer who can fully help you.

J. Q.


Bern's experience was evident when he helped me negiotiate a contentious real estate dispute.  His work resulted in an extremely successful outcome! He was professional and responsive to my concerns and issues, which tremendously reduced my stress-level.  I would definitely call him again if I needed help!

Amy L.


I personally recommend Bernard Solnik because I had an accident and I found him to be a responsible, good person who I could trust. He helped me in everything with my accident; the payments to the hospital, doctors, surgeries everything. He and his office was there to guide me in my case and they are very honest people. They were able to get me lots and lots of money. So I recommend Bernard Solnik if you have an accident. You can trust him and his office as they are genuine and loyal. I thank them so much for the attention they took to my case and the interest they had in my case with so much responsibility.

Emirlo Palacios


Mr. Solnik is excellent. I was very concerned that I would not be able to pay my medical bills or for the repairs to my car. Mr. Solnik assured me so that I didn’t worry about that. He didn’t charge me anything until my case was resolved. He is very kind and intelligent and has a great staff working for him.

Wilber Escobar


Mr. Solnik, I was afraid to speak with a lawyer, but you were so kind and made me feel better. You responded to all my concerns and fought diligently for my rights and benefits, winning me a lot of money. For these reasons I recommend you to everyone. Thanks for everything.

Anali Lucana

Policy notice:  Generally speaking, our policy is to not divulge information about a client except as is appropriate to represent the client. We understand that just because some facts are in the public domain does not mean it’s okay for us to further reveal those facts. Even the identity of our clients is only revealed on a need to know basis. As a limited exception to our policy, the above clients have graciously allowed us to publish their comments and reveal their identities. Of course, we never require such consent as a condition to our accepting representation.

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